Rising Popularity of Xbox

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One of the biggest, best and well known games to be initially launched on the Xbox was Halo. Halo was a type of combat-fiction game which was rated by critics as being the best game and a good buy. Halo still remains as one of the best games ever. Other gaming titles also deemed good was Project Gotham, Dead or alive and NFL fever released in 2002. However because of the lack of first player shoot-out games, the initial public reception of Xbox was damaged.

One of the reasons why the Xbox did not sell as well as the PS2 initially was of the lack of additional graphic improvements and attachments the full potential of the device could not be experienced. Even with added third party support from the start, the Xbox sales started very slow and customers were put off. While Sony on the other hand managed to get several popular and highly desirable games exclusive to the PS2 and thus left the Xbox behind. Microsoft fought back and with updates released by it in 2002 and 2003, was able to distinguish the Xbox significantly enough from the PS2. Several new gaming titles were launched such as MotoGP,TomClancy as well as MechAssault which brought the Xbox back into the video game market.

As soon as the Xbox started becoming popular, several gaming titles were introduced on the Xbox such as Ninja Garden, newer version of the popular Tom Clancy games, first player war strategy games such as the Knights of the old republic. Several developers decided to break their exclusivity with Sony and started developing their popular gaming titles on the Xbox such as GTA-Vice city. Hence after some time of the launch of the Xbox, developers were releasing both versions of their games simultaneously instead of delaying it for the Xbox.

In 2004 the Halo 2 version of Xbox turned out to be one most successful game in History in terms of sales. In 2005, half-life was released exclusive to Xbox and in the first 9 months of its launch it sold 400,000 units making it reach platinum level of sales.

Online game play was released in introduced in 2002 which allowed people all over the world playing together on a server. In the first 2 months of it being introduced 250000 subscribers joined into the network. By 2004 Microsoft reported that the subscription had reached 1 million and by 2005, 2 million. 


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