Getting Ready For Spring Cleaning

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Are you thinking of spring cleaning? Here are some points you should keep in mind when you start this process. You must never dry clean or wash a down. There are soaps and hazardous chemicals which will dry the down of the oils and you will be left with a flat pillow, featherbed or comforter. These detergents can cause a breakdown of the down cluster pieces and it will become less efficient in trapping body heat. You may also find a bad odor due to the dry-cleaning fluids. You may even find it difficult to dry with the large size of thefeatherbeds and comforters. In case the down is not well dried properly, there is a possibility of mildew setting in and this can become a big issue for people who suffer from allergy. In fact even dry-cleaners may not have equipment which is big to hold featherbeds. 

If you have bought your down bedding in the last 3 or 4 years it can be hung outside on a sunny, breezy and warm day. Nature will rejuvenate and refresh them. In case that is not possible you can hang them on a few chairs close to an open window. When you place pillows and comforters in a dryer it will fluff it up if it has become flat and you can also add more filling. You will need to take your 4-5 years old down pillows,featherbeds and comforters to a specialist in down care. It will be cleaned professionally as well as reconditioned by natural techniques to plump it up and deodorize it. They could even require a total renovation which will include a new outer cover, cleaning and reconditioning. You have the option to add some more filling at this time. 

You will be able to use it all through the year if you have bought a top quality down comforter. In case you don’t use the comforter as you have a different down comforter for summer you can store it in a cotton bag don’t use plastic bags. 

You must also remember your feather throw cushions and sofa cushions. They can also be professionally cleaned and reconditioned. You can add additional filling to pump up the sofa. You can also get your sofa cushions redone if you are baffling in a new ticking. This will prevent the filling from shifting towards the sides when the sofa is used by people.


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