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K&N Filters have been a popular choice for engine filtration for over 30 years. The K&N filter allows almost unrestricted flow which lets the engine run more powerful, cleaner and offer better fuel efficiency. They also have a warranty for 1,000,000 miles which means that you can use just one air filter on all the vehicles you have for a really long time. It is only K&N which comes with a guarantee approved by the industry. 

The secret behind the success of a K&N filter is the filter medium. Around 4-6 sheets of oiled and pleated cotton-gauze are placed in layers between 2 sheets of wire mesh made in aluminum. This is a proven structure which prevents dust, dirt or any other damaging particles. It can work like no other filter can while cleaning and power-enhancing the flow of air freely into the engine. 

There is no extra cost on services which helps you save money on the K&N filter. It will also help you save the environment by decreasing the amount of disposable air filters which you need to dispose. 

Do you have some doubts about installing K&N filter by yourself? You don’t have to worry about it as it is really simple. In fact performance air filters are fitted exactly in the same place where you fit in the restrictive paper filter. When you want to install it requires fast loosening and removal of the air box to clean it. When it is dry and free of all dirt, you can fix the K&N performance air filter in the same spot. It is vital to clean as it ensures a tighter fit between the polyurethane border and the air box. In case you belong to the category who has not changed the air filter ever before, then also you don’t have to worry as all the details and directions are available in the manual which comes with your vehicle. It is absolutely simple and typically the installation time is about 10 minutes or so. 

There are some long term as well as immediate advantages of installing a K&N air filter in your vehicles. 

  • Enhanced airflow to the engine

  • Improved horsepower, gas mileage and performance 

  • Engine-destroying dirt is filtered better

  • You don’t have to clean frequently which means easy maintenance.

  • Reusable materials which are environment friendly 

You can upgrade your vehicle’s air system and improve its power by changing the filter.   


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