A Climbing & Trekking Guide by Cameron M. Burns Book Review By Peter Dignan

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Cameron Burns has released the second edition of the book, Kilimanjaro & East Africa: A Climbing & Trekking Guide, which is an essential source of knowledge for anyone attempting an expedition to any of the three main mountain ranges situated in East Africa.  The book covers in detail, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Kenya in Kenya and the seldom visited Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.

I have used this book as my first source for planning technical ascents and expeditions in East Africa and it has proved an indispensable source of knowledge.  It is the only book of its type on the market and covers in detail everything anyone will need to know about undertaking a climbing expedition to East Africa.  The descriptions are detailed and Cameron Burns is a man who has researched and understands what East Africa climbing has to offer.

The book covers all the essentials a guide book to any mountain region should; it has in depth chapters regarding the history of the mountains, what is needed to undertake a mountain expedition to East Africa and general information on travelling in East Africa.  The book takes into account all the main trekking routes on each mountain range but it also delves into lesser used technical climbing routes.

The section on Kilimanjaro looks at the six more popular trekking routes but also has detailed information on the eighteen lesser known technical climbing routes scattered around the higher slopes of the mountain.

The images and graphics give the reader a visual prospective of the routes that are graded according to East African Climbing grades.  A chart is included on page 65 showing how East African climbing grades coincide with American, English & French grades.   Some of the outfitter information included in the appendix of the book is out of date and some of the companies mentioned do not deal with any of the technical routes but this is a common aspect of any guide book.

There are better guide books out there when it comes to planning a guided trek up Kilimanjaro or around Mount Kenya but these books are specifically aimed at those who want a no fuss guided excursion up a mountain. Kilimanjaro & East Africa: A Climbing & Trekking Guide will really benefit those who want to plan and undertake a more technical ascent on one of the mountain ranges covered in the book. It is the only book I have ever come across that covers climbing and trekking in The Rwenzoi in such detail and it should be the book of choice for anyone planning a more technical climbing expedition to one of East Africa’s mountains.

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