The Advantage Nntendo Wii

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The price of the Nintendo Wii has always been its strongpoint. With a market value of almost $300 less than the Xbox 360 or the Sony Playstation 3, it has similar performance to that of its competitors. Many actually believe that the Wii is better than its rivals in all parameters. Thus, if you are in the market to buy a gaming console, the Wii looks like a very enticing option.

The seventh generation of Nintendo’s gaming console, the Wii was launched in 2006 with an asking price of only $299. Even though $299 may look like a lot of money for an amateur gamer, when compared to the price of its rivals, it sure is a bargain. The Xbox 360 is sold in the market for a price of $400 while Sony’s flagship PS3 will set you back another $200 at $600. The Wii can therefore provide you with similar gaming performance for half the price of the PS3.

However prices of additional accessories for the Nintendo Wii must also be considered, such as the price of the remote for the Wii costs an additional $40 each. Other accessories such as gaming nunchuks cost around $20 each. Along with these accessories games for the Nintendo Wii cost around $60 a pop. It may now seem that the price of the Wii is a lot more; however the latest version offers you with unparalleled graphics and the latest features you may find in any other gaming console.

It is pretty clear that the USP of the Nintendo Wii is its cheaper price compared to its rivals. Let us not forget in all the excitement, the fact that the Wii can easily defend itself while being compared to its competitors such as the PS3. For a consumer going into buying a new system will definitely ask themselves this question. Is it better to get a completely new system for a massive price of $600 or to get something similar for a much cheaper price of $250? Simple logic would suggest that consumers would prefer going in for something which costs them a several hundred dollars less.

In the modern technology age it is often seen that manufacturers get easily carried away and start charging a premium for their technologically advanced products. In such as scenario what the Nintendo Wii brings to the table is a highly advanced gaming console at a much cheaper price.


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