History Behind Your Xbox

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The first generation of the Microsoft manufactured Xbox was initially released over a four month period from November 2001 to March 2002, all over the world.

Before the Xbox had been conceptualised, Microsoft had been working with other partners in gaming industry, such as providing development and software tools for the MSX as well as incorporating Windows into the SegaDreamcast controller. Some of the gaming titles which Microsoft help develop with collaborators, before the Xbox was conceptualised were, the Oddword alive, completely or 3 and the Combat based game, Amped. In the years to follow, Microsoft formed a small team which started working on the development of the Xbox which also included a well known name such as Seamus Blackley.

By the end of 1999, the first rumours around a new gaming console created by Microsoft spread mainly after an interview with Bill Gates. This was also due to the part that there was a necessity for Microsoft to develop a device of multimedia magnitude to keep up with the fast evolving nature of digital entertainment. Finally around spring 2000, Microsoft confirmed the development of ‘project Xbox’ in a press conference. It was observed by analysts that getting into the rapidly growing video game industry was an effective measure to overcome the slowing down of the .com and PC industry.

In a book published by Smartbomb written by authors Aaron and Heather Chaplin, since the late 1990s, the growing popularity of the video game industry through the launch of Sony’s Playstation started worrying Microsoft. They believed that this rapid development could threaten the PC Industry, and hence their market share and revenue. Additionally, having a division for video games would also help in widen Microsoft’s range of products which until then only consisted on concentrating on PC and OS. Launching a product such as the Xbox would also present customers with an alternative software configuration different from their traditional Computers.

After getting launched in North America in 2001, the Xbox brought with it major top of the line innovations such as incorporating an integrated Ethernet adaptor, compatibility with Dolby Digital as well as powerful graphic and computer processors such as the Nvidea GeForce. However a common complaint by most users was that several of software’s offered by Microsoft were unnecessarily at a premium. They argued that these software’s and programs could easily be purchased from other manufacturers for cheaper prices or even free.


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