Compare Ps3 And Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s attempt to catch up in the video game market and ultimately overtake the current champion, the Sony Playstaion 3. There are several amazing features included with the Xbox. The free availability for online gaming gives a chance for all users to experience the online gaming world. 

A button in the centre of the console opens the Live-aware option which allows you to add friends, see your friends and check the different games they are playing. The Xbox360 acts like an Mp3 player also allowing you to listen to your own playlists while playing games. It is also possible to download music and stream them from your portable mp3 player. There is also the option of viewing and sharing photos. 

There is no more tangling of wires since the Xbox 360 supports wireless controllers, however the possibility of connecting wired ones are still there through USB.  Apart from the excitement provided to gamers, developers also have a reason to rejoice because of the powerful nature and large amounts of RAM in the game console. 

However, there are some problems in the Xbox 360 which must be pointed out. It is not possible to play many games from Japanese developers because of the lack of support for Japanese third party applications. 

You have to invest in rechargeable batteries for the controllers since the standard alkaline batteries can last only for 30 hours owing to power hungry wireless controllers. 

Other problems include the Xbox ‘screen of death’ which plagued several Xbox 360 units installed in Walmart a few days before it was launched. Some people have also complained that the Xbox360 creates some noise while playing some discs as well as starts overheating after prolonged use. 

The Playstation 3 brought with it several new features such as:

·         With larger controllers, it had an outward feel to it, allowing it to stand vertically or horizontally and discs were inserted similar to the way of an in car CD changer.

·         The possibility of remote access from anywhere, through the internet.

·         Compatibility with the playstation portable, allowing data transfer.

·         A more powerful CPU and GPU than its competitors.

·         Many more developers developing games for the playstation as compared to the Xbox 360.

However the PS3 falls behind the Xbox in some aspects such as the RAM as well as the immature nature of the PS online world, which is still in its initial stages.

But overall, you can’t go wrong on either of them.


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