Kameo Gives An Element of Power on Your Xbox 360

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The new generation of gaming could not have asked for a better start. With Kameo: Elements of Power as the first Xbox 360 game, it promises to be a sample of the gaming console’s powerful technology.  This game is packed with all the ingredients required to provide an exciting gaming experience – razor-sharp graphics, impressive colour scheme, innovative action sequences and brilliant sound and music. It is a game that is perfect for people of all ages and of varying gaming abilities. 

The game is basically designed around the protagonist – Kameo and her ability to transform into various warriors that are linked to the elements of nature – earth, fire and water. Each of the form that she assumes has inherent abilities and power, each different from the other.

In -fact, Kameo: Elements of Power was among the initial titles that I bought with my Xbox 360. This is a decision I have never regretted. This game takes fantasy action to a whole new level. By allowing you control the various elemental warriors, the game is packed with excitement and an element of uncertainty about what to expect. The game is designed in such a manner that you are sometime required to use all three forms of the elemental warrior in-order to advance to the subsequent level. One of the striking features of the game is that each of the three forms of the elemental warrior has been designed to possess different powers and abilities. This makes the gaming experience not only exciting but also challenging. Further, the game involves some characters that are introduced for at some points in the game, for a specific reason. This element of the game adds to the excitement and the overall gaming experience.

I’ll make a quick list of some of the many creatures that you get to control whilst playing this game. Among the many characters, the initial character that you are met with is Pummelweed. This character is a creature with tentacles that have red flowers used as boxing gloves. Often you will find yourself coming back to this control as a result of his knack of performing melee combat. Another character is Major Ruin- my all time favourite. This character is looks very similar to an armadillo. His special ability is to rolling at extremely high speeds.  

All in all, this game is fantastic. With the possibility of even playing online, it makes the perfect game to own, if you don’t already. 


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