Father's Day Gift

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It is very hard to buy gifts for your husband. There are only so many neckties and perfume bottles you can gift. At this Father’s Day try gifting something totally new-a different kind of holiday at a clothing optional resort.

It is a more popular vacation than you think. The clothing optional resort industry is growing steadily. As many as 25% of Americans have visited these resorts and relived their childhood when they last did skinny dipping with the other sex.

At one time one had to go to Europe or the Caribbean islands to visit such resorts. America had only rustic type nude resorts. Today, USA leads the way and has the finest resorts. You will still find rustic family resorts which are clothing optional. However, there are a large number of up market resorts particularly in Florida and Palm Springs, California which see growing business.

The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa is one of the upscale mainstream resorts which is very popular. It was the first boutique resort of this kind. It is meant only for couples.  Some first timers are nervous for some time, but soon they get comfortable. Since 99% of the visitors go nude in this resort, it makes for a congenial atmosphere. This place is perfect for couples wanting to nude bathe together. It is located in Palm Springs, California having over 340 days of sunshine. It also has golf courses, shopping, and casinos and makes for a perfect vacation.

You may wonder who these people are taking clothing optional vacations. Well, all kinds of people are doing it these days. They are people like doctors, nurses, teachers, people of all professions and all ages. In fact, people did nude sunbathing in the past too. Take for example, Ben Franklin. And, why do people do it? It is because they are bored of the same old boring vacation at the lookalike chain hotels. They want to try out something new and add excitement to their life. Married couples discover romance in such vacations. It is also very safe. People generally behave themselves at such resorts. In fact, these resorts have 75% repeat visitors which is the highest in the hotel industry.

These resorts are perfect for relaxing. When you don’t have to wear clothes every day the pressure of having to pick clothes for every occasion lifts. You also become less self-critical of your body. Everybody is relaxed and feels close to nature. So, go and turn your next vacation into a fun vacation at a clothing optional resort.


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