Purchase Neck Tie For Your Wedding

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Looking for the perfect necktie or cravat to wear at your wedding can be a difficult task. You may spend hours at the shopping mall looking for that tie or cravat which will suit the occasion. Well, you can make your task easier if you consider some easy to remember things before you make your choice. 

Ties are cheaper than cravats. However, what you need to consider most of all is the color scheme of your wedding. You should also remember to consider cummerbunds and bow-ties which can also be used for the occasion. You can buy or even hire these items. Finally, you need to know how to clean and take care of these clothing accessories. Let us take each item one by one now. 

Ties or cravats

Cravats are very popular for the wedding but they are generally more expensive. Besides, you do not get many occasions to wear them after your wedding. A good silk tie can also suit the occasion and can also make a nice addition to your wardrobe for more frequent use thereafter. 

Cummerbunds or bow ties 

Bow ties are also a good alternative to ties. They come in different colors and a range of styles. They can either be pre tied or self tied though you will get better variety in the pre tied types. In fact, many bow ties are sold with matching cummerbunds and make an attractive choice for the wedding. 

Matching color scheme 

It is easy to match the color scheme of the wedding if the same is of the standard color as a close match will be available at many stores. 

To hire or buy 

Suits can be quite expensive and it may make a good economic sense to hire them. Neck ties are more difficult to hire as the range available for hire may be small. Polyester, satin and silk ties are more commonly available for hire at ten-fifteen pounds for hire. 

Taking care of ties 

You need to be careful not to rumple the ties after you have purchased them by hanging them from the rack. You should also undo the knots so that no marks remain in the tie. If you happen to spill something on the tie on your wedding day, just use a piece of dry cloth to soak up as much liquid as possible. Never iron your tie directly. Instead, cover it with a cloth while ironing.


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