Right Clothes When You Climb

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Climbing is an adventure sport. Before undertaking a climb, you need to check that you have the right tools and equipment to do the climb. At the same time you also need to ensure that you have suitable clothes for the climb. What is suitable will depend on the type of climb and the climate of the place where you are heading for the climb. 

You need to wear a good undershirt and a brief under your clothes when you are doing climbing in a cold place. The idea is to provide for insulation from cold as well as allow sweat to evaporate by having the first layer of clothing close to the skin.You also need to choose a shirt which allows unrestricted movement of your hands. This is important so that you can use your tools and equipments freely. There should be enough room in the shoulders. 

You may need to wear pants or shorts depending on the climate. In warm climates, shorts are generally worn. You need to ensure that your shorts stretch comfortably without restricting you and they are sturdy enough to take grazing in their stride without tearing. 

In cold climates you need to wear pants. They also need to be tough but allowing for stretch especially around the knees. They should also be lightweight and provide protection against sun burning by deflecting ultraviolet rays of the sun. In very cold climates it is important to wear pants which have good insulation and are also waterproof. 

A vest can be quite useful while climbing in warm conditions. They protect you from chill but provide for free movement of the shoulder and arms at the same time. They also have a variety of pockets to store your tools of the trade. 

Jackets are also extremely useful particularly in cold and chilly conditions. If it is cool, light windbreakers will serve the purpose. They provide protection against sunburns and also keep the chill off your body. In extreme cold climbing conditions also you need to wear a lightweight jacket which allows for free movement of the limbs. But in such conditions you need to have a jacket which insulates you from the cold well. It is also important to remember that seemingly warm locations can turn quite cold at night, particularly in desert areas.

Helmets are actually part of the equipment. They are essential to guard against falling rocks and can save you in a fall. It also protects against the sun. 

Plan well for your climb, both in terms of equipment as well as clothes.


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