Freshen Up Your Home

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Every day is a good day to eliminate grime and dust from your home. It is true that cleaning is not the most exciting job but it keeps tour home fresh and brings in a healthy and happy ambiance into your home for your family. Here are a few tips to assist you start on the right foot. 

  • Most of the times dust and grime get accumulated in the kitchen, linen closet shelves and the bathroom. You will have to empty the shelves and wipe away the dust and particles from the concealed corners. It is good to clean up the surface properly and line every shelf before you put back the dishes, towels or silverware. In case you are already using non-adhesive shelf liners it is a good idea to rinse them in the mild washing machine cycle before placing them back on the shelves. Shelf liners are very useful as they not just safeguard against dirt but also help in preventing scratches and nicks on the surface.

  • Give ample time to clean the shower and tub thoroughly. It is common to see the buildup of mildew and mold in an environment which is constantly steamy. Take out the bottles of shampoo and conditioner with the soap and all other products on the shelf before cleaning the bathroom. You must use a good scrubber and detergent to get rid of all the grime and dirt buildup. It is good to wear rubber gloves.

  • You must clean the toilet bowl also when you are cleaning the bathroom. It helps to use a bowl brush with a deep cleaning toilet bowl cleaner which has a rim brush to clean all the tough to reach and spots you can’t see.

  • With a lot of grime and dirt accumulation is winter the windows in your home will be due for a thorough cleaning. You can clean them like a professional with the help of newspaper and window cleaning solution. It is a cheap and an easy option.

  • Next comes the freezer which has to be defrosted and cleaned well. Check out all the items inside and remove expired and old food. You can use a cleaning solution to sterilize the inside of the fridge properly. You need to clean the outside also well as numerous times dirty hands have been used to open the refrigerator. 

You will find a new and fresh home once you have spent time in cleaning up the house properly.


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