Become a Commercial Cleaning Consultant

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With new business coming up all the time cleaning consultants have started making plenty of money. You may wonder what exactly is a cleaning consultant. This is a person who analyzes the cleaning expenditure of the companies and suggests methods to save cash on cleaning operating cost.  As a cleaning consultant you can earn money from the company you analyze as well as the referral fees of the cleaning companies. 

It is fairly simple to become a cleaning consultant. You have to begin with getting to know more about the workings of the cleaning companies like the services offered by them and the present cleaning rates in your neighborhood. You can go through the phone book to get the list of cleaning companies in all the cities in the country. You will find that most cleaning companies are ready to pay a referral fee if you get them a cleaning account due to severe competition in the commercial cleaning. On the other side there are businesses which will pay a consultation fee to help them save money on the cleaning requirements. Once you have found out about the commercial cleaning market in the local area you can set up some cleaning companies as your referral clients. You will find it easier to do this by selecting some small commercial cleaning companies which are new in the business. You can meet them and agree over the referral fee for every account you get for them.  

Once you have fixed a referral fee from the chosen cleaning companies you can get in touch with businesses which require cleaning service. It is a good idea to approach the business with a guarantee that if they are not able to save money you will not charge the consultancy fee.  You will need to analyze the amount they are presently spending on cleaning requirements and recommend methods which will help them save by hiring the cleaning companies you recommend. Come up with the price by looking at each dollar they spend on cleaning. When you have listed things and checked the cost of their commercial cleaning you have to make bids for the cleaning companies you have contacted. Submit a detail cleaning bid to each of these companies and clarify the standards of cleaning. They will fill the bids and you have to find the one with the lowest amount and suggest the winner to the company which requires cleaning.


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