How You Can Protect Data And Recycle Hardware of Computers

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After running an online business that undertakes the resale of computers (the business also does computer repair and does recycling for a great number of companies throughout the year), I have come to the realization that the most important aspect in the computer industry is to undertake due care of data. This in regards to both personal and corporate data, data being information that the company and the individual holds dear and would not stand losing. The fact that data needs a lot of protection cannot be stressed enough, one needs to protect everything ranging from email replies and the surfing we undertake on the World Wide Web and recycling exposes both you and your personal computer to fraudsters and identity theft.

Disposing and ensuring data is protected to the maximum when in the hard drive is the most overlooked bit of the computer industry. When you skip or send your data to the recycle bin without considering its safety, it can be very dangerous especially when it is personal information that fraudsters can use to map you. Doing this is compared to an individual who throws his credit card in the dust bin prior to cutting it into two.

Opting to use a professional for recycling can never be considered the best option, just like considering your local municipal council as the place to take your computer that is out of date cannot guarantee you maximum security from fraudsters. The best option is to treat the hard drive by first removing it. This is because all that the professional services will undertake is to make sure that your old computer does not end up being thrown in to a land fill, but will not guarantee removal of any of your data. If your old personal computer ends up somewhere in, for instance Nigeria, Africa, the data that was in it is bound to be accessed and its information retrieved especially your personal information and this can be misused. When you have signed a contract for surety, ensure there’ s a clause that provides for data destruction and ensure that you insist on being given a certificate that indicates that the hard disc has been removed and destroyed such that no data can be accessed.

The best option that will guarantee your safety is wiping all your data and there are a number of software that will do this in the most secure way for instance, dBan. Another option would be to remove your hard drive and get a hammer and smash it!


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