Basic Clothing For Campers

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Wearing the right clothes is critical for the comfort of your camping trip. By wearing layers of clothing one can ensure comfort when the weather is hot by removing the layers. One can also protect against cold by putting on the layers. Otherwise, it can either become too hot or too cold on the camping trip if you wear clothes which are not in-layers but provide comfort only against heat or cold and not both.

When you camp in the open, wind is a factor to be reckoned with. It helps to wear a windbreaker jacket. You will get water proof jackets in camp stores. These jackets also provide several pockets for storage. Synthetic jackets are also very useful for camping trips. They protect you against cold drafts. They also keep you dry. You need to choose carefully for a jacket which is comfortable as well as useful against cold and moisture.

You also need sturdy boots. Apart from woolen socks you need to wear sock liners as they help in keeping your feet dry. Wet feet can ruin your camping holiday. Don’t forget to carry extra pair of socks.

You need to bring scarf to protect your face from the wind. Do carry a hat as well which will protect you from the sun. Scarf and hat will also protect you from cold. Remember to carry water proof gloves as well.

A good sleeping bag is also vital for a good camping trip. You need a sleeping bag which is specifically made for camping. It should have liners for extra protection against wind and cold. It should also have adjustable strap for a snug fit.

When you prepare to tuck into your sleeping bag at night, remember the following tips. Continue to wear your hat in bed. It will protect you from cold. Always remember to change into a fresh pair of socks. The socks you have been wearing the whole day are bound to be smelly as well as wet. You can also make your sleeping bag more comfortable by using a down comforter to lie on. Any loose or open ends of the sleeping bag must be secured so that wind and cold do not disturb your sleep.

Your choice of clothing will also depend on the place you are going to for camping. Always remember to be well prepared for the trip by planning carefully depending on the location.


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