Know The Contemporary Furniture Trends

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The way we decorate our home is no longer a result of fashion trends; people across the globe are mixing trends like some exotic pieces with contemporary furniture. Everything in your home need no longer match or follow a patterned theme. The economy has become uncertain and fear of natural disaster, war or terrorists acts, have forced people to stay indoors more than ever before. Undoubtedly, our homes get all the attention now so we can make them as cozy and inviting as possible. This only means one thing, more investment in home furniture. An increasing number of people today prefer to party at home rather than going out and amazing mixes of contemporary furniture trends can be seen everywhere.

The cocoon lifestyle is a result of September 11 2001, when the house was no longer a home but a sanctuary or a hideaway. People now live casually and contemporary furniture is used for informal dining or home entertaining. Every one now gives modern furniture his own personal touch. ‘I want that piece of furniture because Mrs. Smith has it’ is no more the trend. The multi-functionality factor of contemporary furniture is highly sought after to ensure that homes are not cluttered with different sorts of furniture. Seating and long furniture are used increasingly more, sofas are extra long and couches are carved.

Contemporary furniture is used to enhance family values, used for quality entertainment and helps people to connect. However, people tend to pay more attention if there is a dinner party or special occasions. They spend time in looking for special dinnerware, photo albums, candles or seasonal decoration with table linen. Now people insist on sensuality when they choose contemporary furniture or accessories; fabrics are warm, colors are soft and they are in simple patterns and luscious materials.

Some contemporary furniture targets single men who are fond of living together in groups. Contemporary furniture emphasizes more the use of electric gadgets like computers, flat TV or any other hi-tech media. Contemporary furniture is designed to incorporate high end loudspeakers and is upholstered in dark fabrics. Contemporary furniture designed for single men is also found in the coffee tables that change in color when LED light is used.

Light wood is still widely used in contemporary furniture; the most commonly used are birch, oak and cherry. Some wood is stained on purpose to resemble tropical woods like palisander, zebrano or mahogany. Stainless steel is brushed or polished to be used with satin glass or colored fiberglass in contemporary furniture.


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