Cleaning Soaps And Detergents

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We all use different kinds of soaps and detergents in our daily life but give much thought to them. Mentioned below are some of the common kinds of soaps which are used on a regular basis.

Laundry soaps

They are typically considered to be mild soaps which are used for removing dirt, soil, grease or any other organic compounds from all types of fabrics.  Laundry soaps are designed to work well in different conditions on different materials. You can get them in the form of gels, powders and liquids and they can be used very easily in different water temperature, but are most effective when they are used in hot or warm water especially if you want to eliminate heavy soiling or grease. 

Kitchen soaps

There are mainly two kinds of kitchen soaps which include cleansers and dish washing soap. Dish detergents are designed to remove grease and absorb the soil particles into the foam which leaves no residue and a shine. While the hand dishwashing soaps are manufactured to their job at low temperatures and typically come with a better grease removing ability which is done by generating more foam.  Machine dishwasher soap are made to generate less foam and work at high temperatures. Many times some other agents are added to the formula to offer a no residue wash in the last dishwashing cycle. These cleaners also have some mild abrasives which aid in removing stubborn stains and deep soiling.  Few cleansers are harsher than others and if you want mild ones you can use cream cleansers. 

Body use soaps

You can find a variety of body use soaps in the markets today. There is the basic variety to the very expensive soaps which have special properties and are particularly formulated for special requirements. Like the antibacterial soaps are made to arrest bacteria and virus spread as they have additional broad spectrum antimicrobial agents. Normal body use soaps are made to remove dirt from the skin by absorbing dirt in the foam.  There are a few body soaps which contain lotions and other extracts to increase the moisture content on the skin which get eliminated by detergents.     

Industrial soaps

They are manufactured for doing some particular job and are mostly used for washing cars, in auto centers as well as for production line cleanup. You can typically get industrial soaps in 55 gallon drums or big containers and have a pressure cleaning system.


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