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If you want to give someone special any USB gift, the first place to look for it is online. You can get everything you want even if it’s for someone who is tech savvy or for someone who does not care for technology.

No matter the occasion, you can get something which is fitting for that event because USB devices can be found in many types, the following are just a few of them.

USB Cup Warmer or Mug Warmer comes with 4 USB ports. It is used to warm a cup of coffee or tea which just got cold when you are busy. You will warm your tea without having to stand up or to leave your work station. What you do is plug the warmer into a vacant USB port and after sometime your tea is ready to be taken as warm as you want.

The USB rocket Launcher is designed to keep unwanted visitors away from your desk. You can keep it ready to use as soon as the said person comes into sight by pressing the button that deploys the missile.

If you like hamsters and wish that you were at liberty to carry it with you to work, without having to feed it or to clean after it, then the USB hamster Wheel will be the best solution for you. You upload the software after connecting the hamster into the USB ports and your hamster will run as fast as you type.

If you wish something could take your busy mind from the computer screen for some seconds, you can get the USB pole dancer. The pole dancer is a small doll with a red bikini accompanied by lights flashing with disco music. This toy is disappearing from shelves into men’s pockets to be put on their desktop around their computer.

With the USB Mirror Ball you can create different light effects in a room or the office. The rotating mirror ball creates a disco environment with different decorations. The ball is small and is attached on a motor which rotates.

The USB bouncer guards the computer by warning off the intruders by saying one of six different sentences. It can also be activated to move around.

If you have not yet decided on which gift you are going to give out, think about the USB Lava Lamp, it glitters blue and can keep a smile on anyone who walks into the office.


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