Wireless Router And Security

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The setting up of a wireless router is just to connect a router to a modem which has a cable. When the computer recognizes the wireless router, you will have only to use step by step wizard of the router. Easy as it sounds, you are already connected to the internet.

However as you connect to the internet, your security becomes threatened. Some people are able to access your wireless router without your consent, while others can access your router to steal the information or delete the files on your computer.

Don’t be too alarmed; with the following simple measures you can protect yourself and your computer’s data;

Change the generic password which came with the wireless router. If you consult your manual, you will be able to know what to do to change it. Or you can get information on the router’s website on how to change it.

Change SSID (Service Set Identifier) – The default SSID is the Wireless Local Area Network which allows the wireless devices to communicate between themselves. Therefore if you keep the default SSID, it will be easier for the intruder to hack into your computer because the SSID for common routers are known. When you change your SSID, do not use any name which can be easily guessed, look for a password like a name which is a bit difficult for any hacker to guess.

Do not enable the SSID broadcast. The wireless connections have software which looks up nearby SSIDs. This software can also display your name. To be more secure, you have to disable the wireless broadcast so that the name you have used for your SSID will not be discovered. If your wireless connection will be used by more than one computer, after disabling the SSID, you have to set up the Local Area Connection manually.

The above steps are just basic security measures, however if you think that they are not enough because of sensitive information you keep, you may enhance it.

By changing regularly the channel, by filtering the devices which can connect to the router and by using the encryption method for your wireless router, you will be more secure.

However, before setting the encryption option on your wireless router, you have to consult its manual first. The use of the encryption differs from one to another. Remember also that the encryption key you set for your wireless router should be the same as the one for your computer.

The strongest security method available for your wireless router is the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial in User Service), it is provided on a subscription basis.


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