The Interesting Uses Of Cucumber

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Thin slices of cucumber will make you very surprised with the application of this fruit. Besides cooking and used to make beautiful, cucumber has many uses surprise.

Cucumber contains most of the vitamins necessary for you every day. Just eat a cucumber, you can get all kinds of nutrients such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus cheese, ka-li and zinc.

In every morning go to office, you usually use a cup of coffee to help mental alertness, Instead of that habit, you can eat a cool cucumber, by B vitamins and carbohydrates in cucumber will help you recover energy quickly.

If you feel stressed, but do not have time to spa for massage, skin care, cut a slice of cucumber into a pot of boiling water. The chemicals contained in cucumber having boiling water will react and create an scent, gives you feeling relaxed, pleasant. This method effectively reduces stress for pregnant women or students who are in the exam stress.

perfect food for between the hours of eating: busy lifestyle habits that you can use fast food which will make you hungry quickly. How do you get rid of hunger before the next meal? A cucumber fruit will help you feel less hungry. In centuries ago, hunters, traders and explorers have used cucumber as a quick meal to overcome hunger.

You want to avoid headaches and bloating? Eat a few slices of cucumber before sleeping and after waking up. Sugar, electrolytes and B vitamins in this fruit will help replenish lost energy. Moreover, they also create a balance to the body, giving you no bloating and headaches.

You’ve eaten a spicy dish without mint or gum, Let’s chew a cucumber slices in 30 seconds, you will have a fragrant breath to cool surprise. There was phytochemicals in cucumber which work to destroy odor-causing bacteria in the breath.

Rough surface of the skin makes you lose confidence when wearing the sexy clothes or go swimming at? You use one or two pieces of cucumber peel rubbed on rough skin areas. Phytochemicals, a compound commonly found in fruits, especially cucumber, and will help stretch the skin and skin soft, not rough, peeling skin. This also helps to overcome the effect of wrinkles.

You are looking for a method to clean water pipes, sinks or stainless steel? Use a slice of cucumber scrub on things. It not only removes dirt and bring bright white surface, but also not harm the skin of your hands and nails.

To delete the words or paragraphs, you can use the outer shell cucumber pieces such as erasers. This can also apply with colored pencils that your child draw on the wall.

Small garden front yard are the kinds of larvae, slug… Put a few slices of cucumber in a small aluminum box, your garden they will not be destructive in the long time. This is because there are chemicals in cucumber will react with aluminum, creating a scent that humans can not recognize, but makes those nasty animals and avoid that area.

After you shower, the mirror in the bathroom often blurred? You use the cucumber skin, rub in the direction vertical to the mirror. It not only helps prevent water vapor layer but also make mild aroma.


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