Woes of a Minority Consumer

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Far too often we are told to find for our consumer rights and that we should vote with our wallet.  Unfortunately, it is sad when you find our that the business does not appreciate your patronage and abandons you instead.


I have been using Microsoft ever since I had my first computer.   I have never considered other platform because it is provides all the things I need from the computer.  

Naturally, when I went to PDA, I progressed to Windows Mobile.  It appears to serve its purpose but a few things happened.  

  1. Microsoft decided that since you needed MS Outlook, you have to pay for it.  Initially, you can a free copy of MS Outlook.  IN the later version of the Windows Mobile, you are only given an evaluation copy of MS Outlook.

  2. Next, MS discontinued Windows Mobile and went for Windows Phone 7.  A new platform that is complete incompatible with Windows Mobile.  That means all investment you have on your Windows Mobile is lost (all data which depends on the software used there can no longer be used.


When looking to migrate from Windows Mobile, I considered iPad and iPhone.  The only thing holding me back from there was the lack of support for Java and Flash.  I never made the transition to iPhone so it was no big deal.

However, my friends convinced me that Mac would be a good investment (and platform) to transition to.   So here, I am ready to give Apple my hard earned money.  Unfortunately, Apple in their infinite wisdom decided tht they would follow their success in iPhone and iPad to discontinue support for Java in future versions on Mac OS X (Lion).  

I don’t think I will miss Flash by much but I have many applications I use that are written in Java.


As consumer, I look helplessly at the sideline as business decided in their infinite wisdom that we are the minor market sections  not worth their attention.    These business don’t need us while we the consumers want them but watch helplessly as they abandon us.


Some may argue that we, the consumers have alternative and should choose alternative products but as a consumer, we sometimes find it frustrating when businesses continuously abandon us and force us to keep seeking out new alternatives and when we realize the next one will abandon us like unwanted pets to stray through the back streets for a new home!!

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