Easter Traditions: Families Sharing Time Together

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There are many traditions surrounding the Easter holiday. While some are based on religious beliefs others are carried out each year in households across the United States. Some kids grew up without holiday traditions. Some kids wished they could break free of the same old thing each year. Whatever the case may be, the truth is family traditions bring families together to celebrate the holidays.

Below is a list of some fun Easter activities you can try to create first time or a new family tradition:

  • Easter Sunday at Church: Bless your children with the greatest gift of all. Take them to church and let them discover the true meaning of Easter. No matter what religion, we can all celebrate together.

  • Egg Dying: A good old tradition generally carried out the day before Easter. Boil up some eggs and sit around the kitchen table to dunk them in bowls and cups of colorful egg dye. Provide some snacks and take your time. It’s all about gathering around the table to share some quality time as a family.

  • Egg Blowing: Some families prefer to blow out raw eggs and decorate them. Get out the video cameras as this one is rather comical to watch. TIP: Don’t puff your cheeks out when you blow on the egg or they will get very sore.

  • Easter Bunny: Peter Cottontail has been gracing the homes of American children for centuries. He’s just a cute, fluffy bunny who likes to play hide-n-seek with the Easter eggs. The bunny comes in the evening and hides the eggs indoors or outdoors and the children wake up to find them.

  • Easter Baskets: Fill those baskets with jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and little toys. Let the Easter bunny hide them and the children can awake to the thrill of finding their basket of goodies in the morning.

  • Frilly Easter Dress Shopping: Mothers and daughters can spend a nice day shopping for the perfect Easter dresses together. Make it a tradition to stop by for icecream, donuts or your favorite restaurant when you’ve found the perfect dresses.

  • Easter Sunday Ham: Why the ham? Who knows, but a traditional Easter supper always includes a delicious baked ham. Serve it up with scalloped potatoes, vegetables and salad. And never forget the homemade dinner rolls with the sticky sweet glaze on top.  A nice family tradition in many households are the specially decorated desserts Granny always brings to the table at Easter.

  • Easter Baking: Many family’s bake together. From bread to sugar cookies, pies, cupcakes and other goodies. Decorate them with crosses, bunnies, carrots or pastel colors.

  • Easter Egg Hunts: Community or church egg hunts are fun for the kids. Let them run about and find eggs, plastic eggs with money and other toys and candies. You’re only a kid once.

  • Board Games: Start a yearly competition between family members with some friendly board games around the kitchen table. If it’s sunny outdoors play crochet or boche ball.

  • Annual Egg Toss: For the athletic family, a friendly egg toss with a grand prize trophy shaped like a giant egg is just the thing to get everyone involved and laughing.

  • Easter Brunch: Many families enjoy a light Easter brunch; usually meeting up after church services. If you aren’t into cooking a big fancy meal, this is a delightful way to host a family event without a lot of fuss and mess.

  • Egg Salad Sandwiches: After the Easter egg hunt in town use the eggs to make lunch. What’s for lunch? Egg salad sandwiches of course!

Easter and the other holidays are whatever a person makes them to be. Focus on the aspect of Easter that is most precious to you and pass those values along to your children in the form of a good old-fashioned family tradition. Happy Easter!

COPYRIGHT © 2011 Cherie Kuranko ~ “InkSpot”

All Rights Reserved.


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