Tips For Your Bridal Registry

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The easiest way to take the pain out of buying a wedding gift is to look up the contents of the bride and groom’s wedding gift wish list, also known as the Bridal Registry. Usually a free service, bridal registries can be found at various online shopping websites or retail stores. The idea of listing what the bride and groom need to set up their household isn’t new, but it is the most convenient way to buy wedding gifts. With the creation of secure on-line shopping by major retailers and websites like, finding just the right gift has become easier than ever.

The nice thing about using a Bridal Registry is that most, if not all, of the preferred gifts listed in the registry can be purchased from their preferred retail store or through a visit to the store’s website. If they so choose, the couple can publish any number of wedding registries, in as many stores as they like or online, providing wedding gift givers numerous choices specific to the bride and groom’s unique gift preferences.

The bridal registery makes gift buying easier because there buying preferred wedding gifts is easier that buying traditional wedding gifts like crystal or china dish sets.  Ideally, the bridal registry would be published soon after the engagement announcement, but not more than nine months prior to the wedding day. The registery should contain as much detail as possible, which helps make the shopping experience easier on guests by providing information about preferred brand, pattern or model, size and color of various gifts.

Retailers use a computer database for managing bridal registeries, making keeping track of gift requests and updating each individual registry easier. Online bridal registeries are easy to update and manage just by submitting phone, fax or online orders. As part of their service, many retailers offer direct shipping and no hassle refund and exchange policies. By keeping the registry active for at least a year after the wedding, guests have the opportunity to buy a gift that may have been overlooked by others.

One notable trend for bridal registries is the concept of a ‘contributory or contribution registry’, whereby wedding guests can combine contributions for the purchasing of a unique, preferred expensive gift for the couple. For example, a destination wedding could be completely paid for with the value of wedding gifts listed in a well-planned honeymoon registry.

Besides providing useful gift buying information, the bridal registry helps prevent unnecessary purchases of duplicate or unwanted gifts, which makes it a great convenience for all. There are many advantages to publishing a bridal registry early, as many wedding gift buyers will ask for the gift list well in advance of the wedding date.


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