Here Comes The Summer And With it The Great Allergies

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Everyone, after a long winter waiting for spring and summer, the first rays of sunlight warm the face, that the days are getting longer, the urge to go out, long walks, the desire to breathe clean air.

Unfortunately, there’s also the symptoms of allergies: itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing. In short, a whole host of ailments that can ruin enjoy the beautiful days.

Many doctors argue that seasonal allergies are closely connected with the mood.

People who suffer from it, are forced to take medication that in most cases lead to drowsiness, fatigue, thus are forced to give up to many of their usual activities.

All this in the long run can lead to mild depression, such as: feeling sad, (many are more prone to tears), apathetic …

Be stressed that not necessarily all allergic people are lead to depression

An allergy is an immune response that releases cytokines, protein molecules used in communication between cells. When the signal to the brain, inducing feelings of illness, or being “mentally drained,” that often accompany the flu. This release of cytokines is not as powerful but in allergy itself but increases associated with the use of medicines.

Numerous studies conducted by Dr. Teodor Postolache at the University of Maryland reported that the majority of suicide in America occurs between April and June, then this could be related to the period of allergies.

In women is stronger than the association between allergy, depression and suicide than men, perhaps due to allergies and depression are more common in women anyway.

In short, the real side effects are not caused by allergy itself, but by affecting the immune system antihistamines that cause drowsiness, fatigue, feeling of emptiness. All the problems that lead to poor concentration at school and at work, little desire to engage in activities of any kind.

The best thing to do is to contact a professional to help those who show early symptoms of depression to jump out without having to be forced to abandon treatment for allergy.

Especially be careful with children who are more sensitive to both drugs due to side reactions and to changes of mood in general.

However, in any case, never make a fuss or blame immediate medical allergies. It should be borne in mind that for every problem there is a remedy and not a cure do it yourself, but recommended, prescribed and supervised by specialists in the field.


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