How To Get Your Videos On The Front Page On Youtube!

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As an aspiring film director, it’s very important that I can share my imagination to as many YouTube viewers out there.  Unfortunately, getting viewers to view your video is extremely hard!  Avid YouTube viewers want to be able to search great content instantly and if your videos are not on the first page of the search result, consider your videos “unworthy.”   I have been searching for ways to get my videos on the first page and I was finally able to get viewers and eventually got me to the front page of YouTube! Yay!  I would like to give you YouTube uploaders three tips on how to get at least 100,000 views easy!

1. Content is Number One Priority!

It sounds obvious but I’m sure that many of us have seen many “crappy” videos pop up when we search for videos that we want to watch.  To distinguish yourself from other uploaders, you have to make original content that entertain your viewers and by having great content, you’ll be able to attract more viewers and eventually get subscriptions from your loyal fans!  

2. Shoot on a Quality Camera

This second tip may be a little hard to fulfill however, shooting your videos on HD 720p will make your view count grow exponentially!  I have been uploading on YouTube for four years and I finally bought my DSLR since last spring and I can truthfully say that the videos I upload are gorgeous!  I’ve been uploading HD content on YouTube for the past five months and my subscribers tell me how much better my videos are.  My videos were able to get 5 times the average view counts I usually get on my other videos and I am very surprised by the impact of having HD content.  If you want to become a serious YouTube uploader like me and many other users, you have to update the camera or video camera that you have been using to shoot your videos in order to upload HD quality content.

3. Buy YouTube views

If you never heard of buying YouTube views, then you are never going to ever have your videos on the front page.  This method has been kept secret from people because of how easy it is to get views.  I only found out this method by accidently trying to search on tips to getting cheap YouTube views and initially I was hesitant of this method.  I decided to try this method and I was shocked by how high my view count was on the first week.  My video jumped from 100 views to 10,000 views in a week and I was astonished.  The view count on my video was able to put me on the first page and to this day, I am constantly getting thousands of views everyday on the video that only had 100 views before I bought YouTube views.  I get at least 100 subscribers every week and thanks to I am getting more people to watch my videos! Thank you so much!   

Hopefully, my tips can help you get more views and happy uploading!


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