Based On Hunger

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     Wow! Entertainment is out of control ! Much like national geographic everyone eating away at each other in a food chain cycle. It’s amazing that man has been reduced to an aniamlistic train of thought. Choices that he makes just to survive and stay above the competition. Reality television has turned  what used to be a creative art form into all out jungle of predators and prey on a blood drenched red carpet. You never know what’s going to happen next. Corporate America has found a way to cut a penny four ways and the man who signs his life away still can’t afford a decent meal unless he eats the person next to him. The overall messege being sent is that thought does not pay.

     I have been told that I could not be famous because I am too smart. Most people just get a contract and  sign it they do not ask questions they are in no position to negotiate. Imagine a business where the intelligent are poor and stupid appear to be rich and just do not know that they are poor. Entertainment has truly become a game of dog eat dog mother eat young rob and steal from meal to meal. I never said that this was a perfect profession. However, I remember more motivational efforts being put forth to make every kid on the block desire to be on the sunny side of the street. You can’t get talent half-way fitting the description of the title. You get shows about housewives and half the cast is not married. You get a bunch of young kids who just argue,fight, drink and cry and call that nonsense Hollywood worthy.

     You can’t honestly sit there and and tell me that you cannot wait to tune in next week! If you can, then you must be proof of this rapidly spreading illness that you catch from watching this crap on television. I sympathize with many of you that  compromise and say “that’s all there is to watch and because of hard economic times these are the only knuckle heads willing to participate in such a low budget production.”

     The truth in me must cry out I’M HOOKED ON TERRIBLE ENTERTAINMENT AND I CAN’T GET OFF!I must provide therapy to all of us who accidently became strung out on bootleg shows because some idiot signed the contract and decided to work for ten dollars an episode. I must admit if  I have been taught anything from enetrtainment in the past ten years it is to stick with the greats. Preserve your respect for actors, musicians, and comedians that will not lower their standards and work for less than what their talent is worth. This way we can get good healthy entertainment that can encourage people to really practice and work their way up to being REAL CELEBERTIES. 

      I’m sticking with the people who actually had to study for a movie role and  act out a real part.  They truly deserve good salaries and have paid the cost to be millionaires. I refuse to support people who have just signed contract to make pretend celeberties who just sign up because they need a job. Love this game and it will love you back.  


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