Use Housecleaning Shortcuts

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There are times when we feel that housecleaning is an infinite and prolonged chore. We may have been thinking of taking a couple of days from work and then we have to give the free time in cleaning up the home. On the other hand housecleaning does not have to be like that and take up all your free time. You can cut down the time you spend on cleaning with a few smart ideas and time-saving measures and spend more time with your friends and family and do things you like the most. 

One of the good ways to save on your time is not to spend the whole day or the weekend in cleaning. You can just clean half your home or a part of it on one afternoon or day and clean the rest of the house on another day or afternoon. If your house is bigger you can allot three different days for cleaning it.  You can book some time for the garage, attic as well as the basement according to your free time. 

You can dust the cloth lampshades with the lint roller as it is fast and effective without taking out the vacuuming and connecting the attachments. You can convert an old sock slipped in the hand into an excellent dusting tool to dust furniture and other items. It will save time when you clean windows and mirrors with newspaper. You will save cash on paper towels and you will also be recycling creatively in the process. Vinegar is a cheap item which is an effective cleaner to be used on mirrors and windows and mirrors. You can save a lot of time if you clean them on an overcast day as it will leave fewer steaks. 

When you clean the outside of the toilet bowl soak it with a deep cleaning cleanser. It will help loosen the stains and dirt faster and you will be able to clean it easily. You time between scrubbing can be increased by using drop-in cleaner. It is simple to clean the refrigerator with a baking soda solution as it cleans as well as removes odors without harming the surface. 

Continue washing you utensils with warm water as you do the cooking as many kinds of food become hard on the dishes and it takes time to clean them. You will be working much faster and will finish by the time meal is prepared. Keep loads of disposable cups and paper plates ready for those times when you are very busy and your evenings are packed with activities. 


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