Efficient Cleaning With Hepa Air Cleaners

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If you want to get rid of the tiniest of dust particles from your home then HEPA air cleaners are amongst the most efficient gadgets. It makes use of technology which the government developed in the 1950s to safeguard servicemen from radioactive particles. HEPA air cleaners are a very reliable and efficient device to keep the home atmosphere clean from all harmful particles. 

HEPA technology in the HEPA air cleaner offers very efficient particulate arresting capabilities which fundamentally suggests that the HEPA filter is very good at picking the surplus particles floating in the atmosphere. HEPA air cleaner’s filters have 0.3 microns size holes which is about 0.00001182 inches which makes sure that they capture not just the particles we can see but also the harmful virus and bacteria inside the home. 

The filter of the HEPA air cleaner is very big but is fitted into a small container by being folded several times like a concertina. When the filter is large it means that more air can be processed at the same time and the air around you will get cleaner at a faster rate. 

HEPA air cleaners are very efficient and claim to eliminate 99.7 percent of particles from the air making it very popular with people who especially suffer from allergy. Pollen or pet hair can be very uncomfortable for all allergy sufferers and a HEPA air cleaner has the ability to remove them with other harmful materials from the air. Even doctors recommend HEPA air cleaner as an efficient technology for allergy relief. 

Keep in mind that HEPA purifiers are not air odor cleaners. It is true that the small micron filter holes entrap all the air particles, the molecular structure of these odors are different and can pass through them. There are a few HEPA manufacturers who get rid of this issue by integrating air odor cleaning technology in the HEPA air cleaner units which ensures the best of both. 

You could be an allergy sufferer or are just looking for safe clean air in your home and peace of mind you will feel satisfied with the HEPA air cleaner as it is a correct choice. HEPA air cleaners offer excellent technology at work.


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