Get Rid of Computer Slow Down:registry Cleaning

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It is possible for computers which have Microsoft Windows to slow down sometimes and the main problems are due to the growth in registry. It is difficult to avoid registry growth due to some reasons such as: 

  • The registry doesn’t get cleaned by uninstalled programs.

  • Registry stores much more information rather than the database.

  • There is no cleaning of temporary information.

  • Many programs are installed. 

Windows 95 initially introduced Window Registry and it was designed to substitute the earlier .ini file, and it allows not only 2 levels of alignment in settings, but limitless levels of tree settings. In fact Microsoft believes that simple technology is outdated and they like complexity. There are several other operating systems such as Linux and UNIX which use simple technology. 

Window users due to the advance in technology, have to upgrade their system to be able to process information in the registry. This is not a very good piece of news for me, because I like a number of other users can’t afford to keep upgrading my computer each year! For people like me the most reasonable way to manage is by doing regular registry maintenance. 

Till the time .NET platform become popular which was about 3-4 years later we had to rely on the faulty design architecture learn to live with it by using registry cleaning tools. 

I can recall that the first registry cleaner I had was from Norton utility. Those were the days when Norton utility was amongst the proper tuning tools available for the windows. In the present times there are more than hundred kinds of registry cleaning tools. Few of them are pure registry cleaners while others are a subset of the bigger toolset. 

When your PC starts slowing down, you must start with uninstalling unused and unnecessary software from the system. Next you can get some appropriate registry cleaning tools for registry cleaning and eliminate all unused settings and window registry information. Don’t forget to maintain a backup. You will get a backup and restore function with most registry cleaning tools.  

When the window registry is cleaned you will be able to restore around 30% of your computer performance. In case your system is still you can check for spy ware or virus. To get more speed, make space in the memory, start up and shutdown or you can visit some of the informative websites which also offer tools for improving speed of your computer.


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