Hammock Cleaning And Storing

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Hammocks with non removable spreader bars should not be washed in machines. Such types of hammocks have to be hand washed. To do so, you should first lay the hammock on a dry and smooth surface which is free of dust. You can do so on your driveway or the deck. You need a bucket of water and a very mild detergent. Use a soft bristle brush. First, you should clean with the brush on one side. Thereafter, flip the hammock and wash the other side the same way. Examine the ropes and the fabric as you do the washing. If the hammock is discolored or you find some black marks (the result of mold perhaps) you should clean the area thoroughly. 

After the washing is completed, you need to hang the hammock for drying. This is very important. Drying the hammock properly after every wash will ensure its durability. The hammock has to be dried in the quickest possible time after it becomes wet. It will be best if you could hang the hammock in direct sunlight. When you hang the hammocks with spreader bar you, all its ropes and the entire fabric is exposed to the sun which helps to achieve total dryness so essential for the long life of the hammock. It can take up to two days to dry in this way. 

Another important thing is to apply a protective spray on the hammock after drying it and before storing it. You should first fold the hammock into half by holding the two hanging rings and bringing them together in your hands. You need to ensure that the hammock is guarded against moisture as well as critters while storing. There should also be no danger of soiling it. The best way to prevent the damage and achieve safe storing is to make use of a storage bag. 

The bag should be weatherproof and capable of use outdoors. It should also be made of kind of fabric which breathes. However, if you do not have a storage bag, you can store the hammock safely by hanging it in your basement or your garage. It should be kept in a place which is dry and which is out of the way. By washing the hammocks at reasonable interval, taking care to thoroughly clean the soiled parts and drying it thoroughly and then storing it in a dry and safe place, you can ensure that the hammock remains strong and useful for a long period. 


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