It is Not Tough: Gun Cleaning

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A gun absolutely must fire if the situation warrants it. There is no question of a retake in a life and death situation. In fact, if the gun fails to fire, you may not be around to correct the situation for future and even your family may come to grief. Further, if you hope that the local understaffed police force will be able to provide you with prompt help, you can keep hoping till cows come home. There is no escaping the conclusion. Your gun must be cleaned regularly so that it can do its job when the time comes. 

For cleaning the bore use a wire brush made of bronze. If you have to remove copper or lead from the bore, you should use a bore cleaner like shooter’s choice (which is a great cleaner) with a brush made of nylon. You must clean the bore with a bronze brush repeatedly, say, as many times as the number of rounds you have fired from your gun. 

It is best to invest in a cleaning rod made of brass or coated steel as aluminium rods are not hard enough for proper cleaning.Aluminium rods also tend to collect dirt which can cause scratches in your bore. Remember to wipe the rod every time it passes through the bore so that the bore is not damaged in the cleaning process. A brass jag can be used to push patches while cleaning the bore. The chamber and the muzzle crown can be protected from damage by using a bore guide. Pressurized solvent such as Gun Scrubber made by Birch wood can be used for the cleaning up. Oil should not be used in excess as dust settles on oil. If you can see oil, the chances are that you have used too much oil. In that case, store the gun in the barrel down position. This will ensure that oil does not seep into the wooden stock. 

You must strip clean after eight hundred rounds are fired from the gun. It is best to get this done by a gunsmith rather than do an amateurish job. There is much more to learn about gun care. You can do so by enrolling for a gunsmith course Offered by The Fish Creek House and  Gun Club in south west Montana. The training offered includes gun repair, chrome plating, fire arm training etc. We also make handguns and rifles according to specs provided.  


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