You Can Use Ultimate Cloth For Green Cleaning

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Awareness of human impact on environment has been growing over the years. Though the role of carbon emissions on climate and environment is well recognized and efforts are being made to lessen the carbon footprint, there is comparatively lower realization of the adverse impact of traditional cleaning methods on the environment. Though Chlorofluorocarbons which are responsible for depleting ozone layer in the atmosphere are largely eliminated, traditional cleaning methods which affect environment continue. However, of late a number of green cleaning agents have made their appearance. 

Traditional cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals because the products are unregulated and not labeled. For example, phosphates which are also used as fertilizers can contaminate water bodies like rivers and lakes and deplete their oxygen content. Some products with dyes contain phthalates which can adversely affect human neurological and respiratory systems and even affect the reproductive health of human beings and animals. Cleaning agents used for washing windows, toilet bowls etc can also adversely impact our health. 

The harmful effects of traditional cleaning methods on the human body as well as the environment have increasingly been recognized. As a result green cleaning products have become popular. These products do not use harmful chemicals and are also properly labeled to disclose the contents. While these green cleaning products reduce environmental damage, there is a better solution to the problem of green cleaning. Many people don’t realize that there is no need to use cleaning agents at all to keep the house clean and water alone will suffice most of the time. 

For people who care for the environment, the best cleaning tool is a piece of cloth. It uses microfiber to get rid of streaks, dust and all kind of stain. It provides a great finish and does the cleaning job thoroughly. This cloth also eliminates the use of paper towels, thus removing another environment damaging product from general use. The cloth lasts for as long as five years. Therefore, it can be used repeatedly reducing the clutter of cleaning towels and cloth from the environment. It can be washed and used repeatedly. It can be used to clean different kind of surfaces such as glass, steel and corian.It is also easy to use as you just have to wet the cloth and wipe the surface. Thus it is not only user friendly, it saves your time, cleans very well and as a bonus, saves the environment. 


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