The Best Boxing Game For Xbox 360

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One of the best boxing games of all times has to be Electronic Arts Sports Fight night Round 3. Before the fight night series EA had the King of the Ring series which was disappointing year after year. EA corrected the mistakes it made on the king of the ring series and launched the Fight night series.

This game definitely has the most realistic and attention to detailed graphics ever. From sweat falling down on the boxer’s forehead to facial damage seen during the corner scene cuts  after a few rounds of boxing, every single aspect is well taken care of. However, playing the game in itself is not so easy to master. This is mainly because EA has removed support from button smashing which will not allow continuous pressing of the buttons, but instead this game utilises the right stick to control to punches. This is done mainly because boxing games were becoming overly simplified and all that players had to do was keep pressing one button to get their punches connected. This reduced the realistic feel EA wanted to give to its games.

The Xbox 360 version of this game allows anybody to get the 1000 points pretty easily. Making the game in such a manner allows you to get the 1000 points easier resulting in players going back to play the game again and learning something new each time, since in the 1000 points it is not possible to exhaust and master all the moves, punches and actions.

The in fight mini games is one of the most interesting features of this game. This is basically when you punch your opponent with a certain kind of punch known as the haymaker punch. Using this haymaker punch the opponent goes into a kind of an immediate haze which will allow you to either knock him out or enter into a kind of mini game from the point of view of your opponent which can further allow you to knock him out by giving another one of those nasty haymaker punches. Unfortunately the haymaker punch needs some practice before it can be mastered and you may not be able to use it initially when you start playing the game because it is difficult to learn. 


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