Clash of The Gaming Console Titans

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With the Xbox 360 finally being launched it is about time it was compared with its closest competitor, the Nintendo Wii and the play station 3 on parameters such as memory, speed and most importantly cost.

Both the Xbox360 and the PS3 come in two configurations. The 20GB version of the PS3 costs $499 while the 60 GB comes in at $599. The Xbox360 comes at $299 and $399 for the 20GB version. On the other hand the Nintendo Wii is cheaper and costs $250.

The PS3 and the Xbox360 both have 7 DSPs though the PS3 has a single processor clocking in at 3.2GHZ and can do 2 Teraflops while the Xbox360 has a triple core processor clocked at 3.2 GHz and can do 1 Teraflops. A processor clocked at 729MHz runs on the Nintendo Wii.

One of the main reasons why the PS3 is the most expensive is because it has the capability to play blue ray DVDs, while the Xbox can play only normal DVDs and the Nintendo cannot playback DVD movies even though it has a DVD drive.

The PS3 and the Xbox360 can play games from their older versions, the PS2 and Xbox respectively. The Nintendo can however play older games from the older Gamecube controllers as well as the older versions of Nintendo.

In terms of HD Gaming the PS3 is the best with capability to play Blue Ray. It possesses a motion sensing game controller as well. The Xbox360 synchronises with the Windows Media Centre and allows you to get full compatibility from your PC without needing it to be physically present.  The Nintendo changes conventional gaming with a controller which is motion sensitive and look like a TV remote and can be used to perform several actions such as act like a sword, tennis racket or even used for bowling.

Hopefully the above paragraphs have been able to properly explain different features of each of the three modern gaming consoles available in the market today. It is to be noted that each of the gaming consoles have their positives and negatives. It is basically up to the individual users needs and wants to decide as to which gaming console appeals the maximum and is most suitable for him/her. But it is important to also observe that either ways you can’t go wrong as all three provide with amazing gaming experience and it is possible to enjoy endless hours of gaming on each of them.


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