The Xbox 360 Will Offer A Lot

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There are several amazing features of the Xbox 360 some of which are listed below:

The power button on the Xbox 360 is surrounded by a ring of light which is divided into four parts, based on what activity is going on.

There is another button called as the guide button present on both the controller and remote, which allows you to switch on and off the Xbox 360 as well as gathering information about players challenging you on Xbox live, getting information about new games and demos etc.

The Xbox Live feature comes in two versions in the Xbox 360.

The first one is the silver version which allows you to enter the marketplace and voice chat with your friends but doesn’t allow you to play your favourite games online with other players.

The second version is the Gold version has all the features and more importantly allows online gaming. Also individual player statistics, achievements are all stored in the online server. Video chatting and messaging is also supported. All Xbox 360 owners get a taste of the gold version for free in the first month of purchase.

The next great feature of the Xbox 360 is the online marketplace. This is the online area where it is possible to get new games, demos, trailers along with additional props in existing games such as weapons, vehicles etc. Some of the content is free, but others cost money.

Apart from the amazing games and game play offered, Xbox 360 can also be used for ripping music and playing music during games from any device connected through its USB port.

The Xbox 360 also has the capability to share photos online and very importantly play DVD movies directly out of the box without needing any compatibility plug-in, a big improvement over the original Xbox.

High levels of customisation are offered to Xbox 360 users as well, such as changing the colour of the console along with changing themes in the Xbox browser, very similar to changing themes in Windows.  This provides a refreshing change to users once in a while.

The hard drive plays an important role in the functioning of the Xbox 360. It allows you to save the progress of your game, along with ripping CD’s, DVD’s, photos and music into it. Any USB enabled device can be used to transfer data and having a hard drive increases the overall speed of games and data.


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