Why You Should Buy The Xbox 360

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Innovations and advancements in gaming are always generally highly anticipated by techies and gamers. Computer technology along with world class games, our minds can now be challenged. Similar to the adventure of wars in olden times, games of today can provide with a similar experience. A new generation of gaming and gaming consoles has evolved with the introduction of Xbox 360 by Microsoft. Of course there are several choices as a result of a competitive market.

Here are 10 reasons why you should get the Xbox if you are not sure what to buy.

1) With titles such as Project Gotham, Kameo, DarkZero and several others, there is huge variety of games available.

2) With the ability to use internet connectivity as well as wireless controllers, the ergonomically designed controllers of the Xbox have a very range of 30 feet allowing the absence of tangling etc. 

3) The huge choice of games provided by the Xbox 360 can meet the tastes of even the most distasteful gamers. Games such as Dead or Alive are designed exclusively for the Xbox while highly recommended titles such as King Kong, Call of Duty 2 etc are also available.

4) Over 200 games will be naively compatible with the Xbox 360.

5) Possibilities are now limitless with the introduction of the marketplace you can now obtain cheap games, addictive games as well as free games.

6) Because the Xbox is equipped with a trio of 3.2 GHz processor along with powerful ATI graphics, it provides mind blowing and real life like graphics.

7) With the ability to watch movies, listen to music CDs and play games it provides an all round media experience to explore and explode you creativity. There is also the possibility to connect to the Media Centre online from Microsoft.

8) The Xbox 360 being a live platform is much more than an average console. With the ability to purchase gamer specials, demos or bonus levels directly from developers it provides with limitless opportunities through its marketplace.

9) The gamer card in the Xbox 360 creates a sense of identity for users by storing history of name, scores, images, and aims along with even games you are fond of. This has resulted in the creation of pseudo online fraternity.

10) The Xbox 360 is the ultimately media partner with games, movies, music. It is everything you need to stimulate and entertain your mind.


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