Xbox 360 For $100

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + started offering the $400 Xbox 360 at a 75% discounted price of $100.

This was a limited time offer for the sponsors of the website which include large outlets such as Best Buy, Disney, Home Depot and Blockbuster Online along with several everyday merchants who had also reduced the price of the gaming console. These price reductions had definitely made the most popular video game in the market a lot cheaper and affordable.

Customers had been given a lot of choice and options to choose from based on what they needed, on offers that didn’t need purchasing. The list of offers which they could choose from was over three pages long and included offers such as free pricing or availability of getting free trials.

Those offers which needed to be purchased had also been given limited time discounts of over 30% which helped in providing some sort of savings for consumers choosing to purchase.

Another step taken by was that they sorted a whole page of the list of sponsors on their website so as to prevent spending on money, to be able to convince viewers to visit them.

Because offers would change on a daily basis there would be some customers who would see some offer on the first day and then later see another offer which they would want to choose. Because of the offers made by freezone, a large number of sponsors started joining them at a rapid rate for which created a smoother and sleeker website having greater functionality later that year.

Freezone chose a style similar to American Express where good deals were provided on several different products regarding many promotions. However, in contrast to American Express the process was made easier and faster by not requiring customers to make purchases each time.

The beta version of the freezone website was launched in 2009 where several different electronic gadgets including the amazing Xbox360 had several offers and discounts on them.

Though, there were some customers who were more willing to accept price reductions on MRP rather than going through forms and obtaining devices such as the Xbox 360 for free.

Thus, this was the reason 30% discounts were given so that it would also attract those customers who were not willing to apply for the rewards and loyalty scheme, and hence overall attracting a wide range of customers.


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