Xbox 360 For The Technical Mind

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The name given to the second installation of the video game console manufactured by Microsoft has an interesting story behind it. The name Xbox 360 had within itself a more next generation feel to it, which gives it a competitive edge as analysed by a Marketing firm hired by Microsoft. They also found that rather than naming it Xbox 2, which made it sound more similar to Sony’s Play Station 2, this name evoked a better response.

To make sure Xbox owners don’t miss out on the goodies of the Xbox 360, Microsoft launched a backward software update for them. This entire process is an indication of continuous improvement made on Microsoft’s part to make sure the Xbox franchise evolves properly.

Another interested feature of the Xbox 360 apart from these software updates is the capability of the Xbox to use its internal memory storage for maintenance functions. This was reported by a keen enthusiast of Xbox 360 who purchased the console and demonstrated that by going into the system blade and further to its memory, pressing the Y button which is present either on the Memory Unit or the HDD could perform this function. This was posted on one of the many technology websites informing people of the Xbox 360’s features.

However, the feature mentioned above is to be exercised with caution as confirmed by Microsoft, who also stated that this function is a component of the game console’s electronic processing system and also plays an important part of the technical support for the console. Microsoft have also reported that this feature should only be performed when technical processes are involved, though performing this may not affect the console in any damaging way, but should still be exercised with caution and preferable within the technical supervision of Microsoft qualified customer service operative.

Aside from the technicalities of the new Xbox it is also interested to note that the design of this console is much more efficient and modern. Being smaller and less cumbersome than the original Xbox, it also allows for a removable hard drive which is present on the left side.

Overall the Xbox360 is definitely the next generation in video gaming, providing a powerful, robust hardware along with the most premium software currently available. Hosting various gaming titles from several different genres the Xbox360 aims to provide the best digital world experience to anybody who uses it.


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