Secrets of Dry Cleaning

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There are a number of us who don’t really want to pay the cost f professional dry cleaning. This is the reason why many of us want to find alternate and cheaper ways of dry cleaning at home. It is true that there are several cheaper options as compared to professional dry cleaning, we may be a little doubtful about the effectiveness of these options. 

Whatever the name suggests, perchloroethylene is used in dry cleaning to get rid of stain and dirt from the fabric. It has the ability to dissolve oil and also prevents color loss, shrinkage and fabric damage. Dry cleaning process starts with the pre-treating the stains and spots and stains with the help of particular cleaning agents. Then the garments are put in a washing machine and rinsed with perchloroethylene and then ironed and finally packed. 

There are two kinds of home dry cleaning products, one which has a dryer bag called Dryel and the other without it known as Dry Cleaner’s Secret. In both methods first the stains and spots are removed and then they are put in a dryer bag or straight away inside the dryer with the cleaning cloth, based on the item. When you take out the clothes from the dryer they will be wrinkle-free and mostly will not need any more treatment. 

Positives and Negatives

There are some obvious advantages as well as drawbacks, of professional dry cleaning and there are some negatives which we may not be aware of and it is worth checking them out.  

You expect perfect results when you give your clothes for professional dry cleaning. You get clothes which are stain free clean and well pressed. This is more accurate process and thorough process as compare to home dry cleaning. The fee for professional dry cleaning is a big drawback. Many of us may not be aware that the chemical perchloroethylene which is used in professional dry cleaning process is a health risk for the people working on as well as the ones who wear them.  

The Findings

It is your personal preference to decide if you would prefer home dry cleaning or professional dry cleaning based on your needs and budget. You may need a professional if your garment has big stains, but you may want to avoid it as the chemicals uses are a health hazard. You can easily do home dry cleaning if there is a small stain or you just want to refresh the garment.


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