Mutant Storm Reloaded For The Xbox

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Mutant Storm Reloaded is a brilliant game on the Xbox Live Arcade. It is a game that even my girlfriend loves to play. The game is reasonably simple, you are supposed to shoot mutants spawn in an enclosed area. This game makes use of only the two sticks which is much better than pounding a button. The game progresses through 89 boards with varying levels of difficulty (a.k.a. belta). All the boards are not very different from each other. However, the guys kept changing shapes and colours and that was pretty fascinating.

The best part was that mu girlfriend completely enjoyed it and mostly, we play together as a team. The first time we played for almost 8 hours non-stop. She was particularly impressed by the graphics. When I wasn’t at home, she played the one player boards all by herself. One of the helpful features of the arcade games is that each time you want to play a new game you don’t require to reload the disc.

That said, it was not the easiest game to achieve high scores and advance further. So far, I have only managed to rake in about 50 points after several hours of playing. Most of the achievements in this game are unlocked in the single player mode and I spent most of my time playing this game with my girlfriend. In other words, since I played this game cooperatively, as a team I was unable to obtain too many achievement points.   If you can recall the game called Smash TV, then you would realize that Mutant Storm Reloaded is an advanced, updated version of this game. Once you have gotten used to the game and have started getting better it becomes rather addictive. However, it never stops being challenging and interesting. 

Personally, I would certainly recommend this game to any gamer in the world. On the one hand it is simple enough for a novice to get accustomed to while on the other, it promises to be challenging for the advanced gamers. Moreover, even the most advanced of the lot will not beat the game on his/her first attempt. Finally, one of the most compelling features of the game is the concept of cooperative gaming.  There is nothing more rewarding than destroying those mutants with your best friend on your team. 


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