Xbox Game Rentals

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The year that passed has witnessed a meteoric growth in the online game rentals. That said, what is uncertain is the nature of the various online rental companies and whether they support your specific gaming console.

Our team conducted extensive research on a vast number of online gaming clubs to ascertain which one hosts the best range of Xbox games. Quality points were awarded to those clubs that housed the best range of recent releases, hard-to find games and of-courser, the classic Xbox games. From among the 7 game clubs, it was deduced that only 3 of these qualified to be put to test.  The clubs that made the list were – Intelliflix, GameFly and Gottaplay.


Intelliflix certainly has managed to tap into a market that some gamers could have only dreamt of some years ago. This implies games, movies and adult titles all under one ‘roof’. That said their range of Xbox rentals weren’t as impressive as the other two. However, it is still worth a mention.

  • Recent Releases: Carrying most new releases and have displayed information of anticipated     releases.

  • Hard-to-find Titles: Carrying a wide range of games, some of which we were not even aware of.

  • Classic Games: Carrying a wide array of the good old classic games.


GameFly has been ahead of the pack for quite a while and it also was the first company to advertise their service to the public. Not only is it the oldest company, but it is also often considered the leader in this industry.

  • Recent Releases: Carrying every single new release. Along with this, it also had the latest reviews, walk through and    even cheats of all the games.

  • Hard-to-find Titles:  Games that were unheard of were part of their selection.

  • Classic Games: It was almost impossible to find any Xbox title that was not a part of their selection. A very exhaustive inventory.

  • Gottaplay

Gottaplay is soon becoming a force to reckon with in this industry of online rental games. Apart from hosting a very impressive selection of games, they were the first company to incorporate offering phone support to their customers.

  • Recent Releases: Carrying every single new release.

  • Hard-to-find Titles:  Games that were unheard of were part of the company’s inventory.

  • Classic Games: Games of the past such as Soul Caliber, Halo and similar classics are part of the company’s  impressive selection.


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