You Can Have Xbox Games on The 360 Console

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Backward compatibility- the most basic problem that is encountered as a result of the continuous improvements in the technology of gaming consoles.  Previously, the latest versions of a game console would not be compatible with the games used on its predecessor. The Xbox 360 allows you play the Xbox games on the 360 version of the console.

One of the ways that permits you to play either version of these games is by using the Live system to update your gaming console. It is essential however, that you have a broadband connection that is available. The process is extremely simple. All you will need to do is connect your game unit to the broadband connection which in-turn will enable you to update the system. Once this is done, you can commence playing the original Xbox 360 games. Moreover, this will let you stay updated about all the recent additions to the games. That said, you will obviously require a Live account – either a Gold or Silver membership package.

Another way in which you will be able to play Xbox games on the 360 console is by the help of DVD/CD burning. This is especially helpful for those that don’t have a broadband connection. Instead, only a dial-up connection would suffice to complete the download. All you will need to do is visit, download the game and then burn it on your DVD/CD. This technique is just as simple a burning a music/audio CD.

The last technique is to simply place an order from This facility would however, be available only till early December. For some, it may just seem like the most convenient option. This disc will include all the updates required to ensure that the system has backward compatibility.  Apart from that, the disc will also allow you keep the operating system of the gaming console updated.

Finally, I must mention that this feature of backwards compatibility is extremely resourceful. Firstly, it ensures that the gaming device is not rendered obsolete. In other words, the feature of backwards compatibility ensures that the gaming console can still different versions of the games. Also, it saves every gamer his/her money from going to complete waste. However, that said, this feature is only limited to the Xbox 360 and the Xbox. If its success is anything to go by, this is one technological development that has the potential to dictate the future advancements.  


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