Xbox360: Guitar Hero Downloads

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Even if you are tired of all the many games and applications available on your Xbox 360, do not fear, because everything else you need is just an internet network connection and credit card away at the comfort of your home.

There are several different online functions which the Xbox 360 can perform and can easily store them onto your multi GB memory hard drive. Going to the online marketplace can give a choice of many different movies, TV shows as well as mini-games. Apart from these you can even download several game demos, trailers as well as a list of popular and ‘must have’ games which can be tried out before purchasing them.

It is important to understand that Xbox 360 games such as guitar hero can be easily copied however you would require certain equipment such as:

– An internet cable along with a software which convert ISO files.

– a DVD ROM and writer

– a empty DVD

– DVD burning software

However before you start out you must make sure that you install the mod chip which will help copying your games and burning the discs by bypassing the software verification checks.

The procedure to copy these games is as follows:

The first step is to get you Xbox connected to your PC using the internet cable. This will allow transfer of data as well the possibility of making a backup of your data on your PC hard drive.

Once you download the required files such as guitar hero songs on your PC make sure you have software which can convert them into the ISO format, because the computer will only be able to read such files. Converters can be obtained for free on the internet.

Once this is done, these ISO files must be burned onto a disc. This can be done using software’s such as Alcohol 120 or Nero Burning software. These software’s are generally all compatible with Xbox 360 software.

One of the biggest mistakes made is that the discs are not compatible with Xbox, so make sure that these discs can be read properly by the Xbox. Hence before going to burn the next set of games make sure the first disc is compatible with the Xbox 360 and then continue.

Once you make sure the discs work, you can go on downloading more guitar hero material and burning them into discs and enjoying their full potential.


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