Compare The Xbox 360 And Xbox

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After the launch of the Xbox 360 the most important question in everyone’s mind was to know what the new device offered which was different from the older Xbox

There many differences between the two consoles, but the level of detail of these differences which should be explored hugely depends on if you are just a causal gamer who just likes to play it as a pastime, or if you a technology enthusiast who wants to know every little piece of information.

But to start off, it is important to know that because the Xbox 360 is the latest offering by Microsoft, it is obvious that there would be many features which are available on it which are not present on the original Xbox. It would make no sense if the Xbox 360 was the same as the older version, especially considering the rapid rate of development of technology.

As innovation progresses so does improvements. Hence for a person who has a keen eye for detail for innovations the first and foremost difference would be in the superior graphics of the new Xbox 360.

It is also essential for engineers to develop a product which is compatible with other modern day technologies, because of which the new Xbox 360 is designed to work better with newer technologies such as High Definition TVs.

However, it is important to note that to fully utilise the true potential of the Xbox 360 it is essential to that it is used alongside modern day equipment. For example if you connect the console to an older television, you would end up getting graphics which are far behind what the true potential is.

Other difference are that availability of online gaming through an internet connection, availability of wireless controllers, compatibility with USB as well as the presence of a hard drive. In all you could call the new Xbox 360 a complete entertainment system with the potential to watch movies, listen to music or view photos which previously you couldn’t.

Another important feature is the backward compatibility feature which can allow Xbox 360 users to play older Xbox games, while the reverse in unfortunately not true.

Personally the older Xbox isn’t too outdated and if you are happy with the features it has to offer then you could just go for it. However, if you are looking for the latest technology then buy the Xbox360, even though it’s more expensive.


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