Artificial Intelligence Into The Xbox 360

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Taking a break from the ongoing ‘support’ wars going on between Microsoft and Sony, it is interesting to explore more into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), considered to be the next big gaming phenomena. In simple words AI makes software much more Human like, as though they had intelligence of their own. Carefully developed by brilliant engineers, the Xbox360 boasts of having an AI capable platform. Obviously AI can be much better experienced with the combining the use of technology such as HD DVD.

When game developers were given a chance to prove their mettle for a premium console such as the Xbox360 they definitely stepped up their game and incorporated AI into their games. This aspect of gaming provides a real life experience in the digital world and can definitely provide a mind blowing experience.

Even though AI may be highly complex in games that can be played in the Xbox360, its roots originated a long time back. A simple game such as Pac-man uses small components of AI integrated into it. For example, even though the movements of the ghosts in Pac-man are a set of definite codes, whenever you come close to them they sense your presence and move closer to you. This is the most basic form of AI incorporated into a game.

These AI tricks are still being used for developers after 20 years of Pac-man being introduced. The hardware also needs to be beefed up and developed to make sure it supports the high intensity of the software. Even several changes have come to modern day gaming, integrated of AI is still a last minute procedure. AI programs in the Xbox360 can make sure that bots in the middle of a crossfire actually have the sense to move away from the line of fire.

With the presence of a powerful three symmetric core system, the Xbox 360 has more than made up for the lack of reality in the previous installation of the console. This triple core system has made game play more exciting, flexible, and breathtaking and has also helped in the incorporation of AI.

AI need to be managed equally well on all the three cores. As a result of great effort put in by engineers, the amount of burden put on the CPU is significantly reduced as a result of sharing it on three cores. This in turn results in less lag, better graphics and audio and thus an overall better gaming performance.


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