Have A Larger Carpet Cleaning Business

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You must be aware of the fact that there are numerous ups and downs if you have run your own carpet cleaning business. It is surely a seasonable business and on an average there is six months of good business with three months of average and three months of very slow business. The fact is that it does not have to be remain like this always. Mentioned here are some suggestions on diversifying and expanding your business. 

To begin with when you diversify your business to make it more stable is by adding commercial business. When we say commercial carpet cleaning it is not a seasonal job like residential carpet cleaning. Commercial establishments need to get their upholstery and carpets cleaned all through the year and typically they arrange for regular cleanings. This is the kind of business which you can depend on. When you have a commercial client they will stay with you for years if you work with them well. 

There is another thing which you can do to diversify your cleaning business to include some additional services which are needed by the home owners. You may already be doing the job of upholstery cleaning but you will also find more to clean in any regular home. You can include jobs such as wooden floor cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, make ready cleaning drapery cleaning, air duct cleaning, maid service, window cleaning, and there is a long list. In most cases all you will need to do is include these services in your list is buy some equipment and maybe enroll in a training class. 

You can discuss with the local carpet cleaning dealer and find out about the upcoming courses. In case they are not conducting any courses you can even think of going to the close by location which has a course. It is worth spending money on the trip and you can write it as business expense. You can also think of adding the job of smoke or water damage restoration. There are some cleaners who do this but remember that there are some downsides when you enter this field. You will have to buy a lot of equipment and you have to be very sure about doing the job. It also requires a good insurance and taking several classes to learn ways to dry structures and clean after fire damage. 

In fact there are several ways to diversify your cleaning business and there is no need to bear with the slow times.


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