Why Do We Get Headaches?

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One way to understand the disease is to understand the normal function failed. We are aware that insulin helps the body use sugar and insulin delivery is exhausted, we get diabetes. We understand that you are short on changes in the air, BA, but if the system responds to changes in fatal, such as exercise and cold, we get asthma. Chronic diseases have more borrow to similar interpretations. They are the result of the loss of essential function or a profit (surplus) of the function are required.

Migraine? System for normal goes wrong people with migraines? Headache experts believe that the intercepts the system was the pain that it is the brain, the fact that it is something that exists in a hostile environment. In the normal decision-making (not notable) person free to assassinate severe headaches. It can happen: people, serious noxious fumes at heights without sufficient time to adapt, climbing, persons exposed to extreme heat, without sufficient protection and hydration system manages all feel the pain of a migraine as.

It is important for us as a kind of warning of a mechanism for a hostile environment, and it serves us well. But as the system of insulin and the majority of the people, there are people in the end, they have problems. In addition, there are people, not for camping in a volcano and sulfur, an inspiration of headaches for vapors. We must go only along the perfume counter at the supermarket.

It is tempting to propose more migraines than our evolutionary co habitants do not tension not sensitive, but it is no coincidence that is theirs. Migraine in response to environmental stimuli, anthropologists “adaptation period”. Unfortunately we are not men of X, but we are neurotic. Migraine is a chronic asthma or diabetes. It depends largely on our genetics and you can manage effectively, especially if we understand the system of the problem.

Without the system, leading to headache, a species not survived, and they prospered. People need pain response for secure communication with the outside world. And who knows? It can be to avoid these toxic perfumes of chocolate, dark days and exposed on the beach, eventually our survival. It is possible that patients of migraine, not will the meek inherit the Earth!


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