Use Videos in Your Local Business to Get on The First Page Of Google

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How can videos help to get you on the first page of Google if you used them in your local business? This you will find out, and much more too, by reading this article through to its conclusion.

Videos and video marketing is very popular with Google, since its acquisition of You Tube, and therefore videos tend to be pushed to the top of the search results, often before your Local businesswebsite.

More and more people now search You Tube when they are looking for information, and now that Google is presenting local search results first, this gives you the chance to get your local business on the first page of Google in your local area.

Not only that but if you link your videos back to your local business website, it stands a much better chance of fairing well in the local search results.

A lot of people these days would rather watch a video, about a product or a service, than read an article about it, many videos now go viral, meaning that people will tell their friends about it, and so the video gets passed around.

There are many video websites out there, apart from You Tube and they tend to pick up these videos to use on their sites, and so do other website owners, all of this means more exposure for your local business, not only in your local area, but the whole world over.

How would you like your sales people to work for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? Well by putting videos on your website, this is now possible, as your videos are now virtual sales assistants, and you could be making sales whilst you are sleeping, waking up a little richer each day, how would that make you feel the next morning?

There are many ways that you could use videos on your local business website, you could have the business owner welcoming your website visitors to his business, telling them what his business is all about, he could show people around his workshop, and show them examples of his work as well.

Can you imagine the power of this in your local area? What do you think could happen to your sales and profits? Do you think that your local business will grow and prosper using these tactics? You bet it will.

None of this was possible just a couple of years ago, but now you can compete with those large national companies, now that Google have levelled the playing field, by presenting local search results first, this gives you the localbusiness owner, a distinct advantage over your national competitors.

Make good use of this information and act on it fast, before your local competition finds out about it too, and beat you to the first page of Google in your local area, you cannot afford to ignore this, and miss out on this exciting opportunity.

Video marketing is here to stay for a long time to come, and by now you should be able to see the power of this, and be able to understand that by using videos in your local business and your website, you have a really good chance of getting on the first page of Google in your local area.

Thank you for reading this article through to the end, I hope that you have found it to be of good use and interesting.

Please feel free to share it with anyone you feel it may help.

Wolfgang Bloomfield.

Wolfgang Bloomfield is a full time Internet Marketer, and a Local Business Consultant, he has studied SEO in depth, as this is what makes or breaks any business that is using the Internet. Find out how his Local Business Services can help your Local Business, to get more customers and sales, by visiting his website.


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