Severe Injuries Caused by Playing Sports

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Sports persons enjoy enormous popularity all over the world.  They earn celebrity status.  They literally become rich and famous.  Sachin Tendulkar (cricket), Rafael Nadal (Tennis) and Lionel Messey (Football) are loved and adored all over the world by their fans.  But these greats have also had their share of injuries.  Any sports person is prone to suffer sports injury.  

Injuries caused by playing sports:

Sports injuries refer to injuries that most commonly occur while playing or exercising.  There are two types of sports injuries, acute injury and chronic injury.  Acute injuries occur suddenly while playing.  Chronic injuries are a result of overuse of one area of the body while engaging in sports related activities.  

Here is a brief description of some severe injuries which may be caused while playing sports:

  • SCI (Spinal Chord Injury):  Person suffers from SCI  when an injury results in damage to cells in the spinal chord or to the nerves that relay signals up and down the spinal chord.  

  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury):  Person suffers from TBI when injury to the head causes damage to the brain.  When the injury causing object does not break through the skull, it is termed as “Closed injury”.  When the object would have pierced the skull, it is termed as “Penetrating injury”.  These injuries can cause coma or even death.  

  • Knee injuries:  Knee injuries can be severe and crippling for a sports person.  It may include bone bruises or damage to the cartilage or ligaments.  Knee injuries are common among football players.

  • Fractures:  If a bone is broken, than the condition is called “Fracture”.  Acute fracture and stress fracture are two types of fractures.  

  • Strains:  In a strain injury, muscle fibers tear as a result of over-stretching.  Person suffering strain injury experiences pain, stiffness and discoloration around the strained muscle.  If severs strains are not treated appropriately they can cause serious damage.

  • Bruises:  Person suffers from severe bruise when muscle fibers and connecting tissues are crushed and blood vessels are torn.  

Brian Deegan, Jake Brown and Matt Hoffman are some sports persons who have suffered from severe sports injuries.  Sports persons should not ignore injuries.  They have to make sure that injuries are treated appropriately in order to prevent further complications.  



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