Cleaning Mini Blinds Easily

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We all have seen mini blinds at the neighborhood home improvement center. They have a very cute appearance when they sit in their place but none of us will like to spend a time to get rid of the dust from them. You may have seen or heard different things from people about but it does not have to be difficult always to remove dust from the mini blinds

Focus on the details:

It may sound a little obvious to you, but it is important to close the slats before you start dusting.  Dusting the mini blinds weekly is one of the best ways to keep them clean. You can use a lamb’s wool duster this attracts dust naturally and will also help in preventing the buildup of dust with time. 

In case you can’t get a lamb’s wool duster anywhere you can also use a paintbrush to do the weekly cleaning of your mini blinds making it easy to clean in the long run. It is important to place a sheet of paper or towels under the blinds you are cleaning which will catch all the extra dust falling from the blinds. In case you want to clean the mini blinds thoroughly, you have the option to take down the blinds and clean them by soaking in the bathtub.  

You can make use of all purpose cleaners to get rid of the grease from the mini blinds. You can spray the mini blinds well with the cleaner and let it sit for a while. Then us a soft cloth to wipe the cleaner and it will be more effective if you can rinse it well to make it really clean. When you have to clean the other part of the blinds, turn over and go through the same process as mentioned above. 

Simple and fast

This is a very simple method to clean mini blinds. You just need an old pair of cotton gloves to have a clean set of mini blinds. Wear the gloves and wet your fingers with a solution which is made of 1 teaspoon ammonia mixed with 1 quart water and move your fingers across the mini blinds.  If you like you have the option of using the hose attachments of the vacuum cleaner.  There is no need to take out the blind when you are vacuuming it. You can place a dryer sheet on the mini blinds to eliminate any static dust from the mini blinds.


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